High Mileage Used Cars – What to Look For

When you buy a used car (particularly if you choose a private purchase) there are a few what exactly you need to keep an eye out for. Prior to part with any of your hard earned cash, you will be able to tell if the car is to “the moon and back” from a quick check on the odometer but there are many tell tale signs you really need to look at.

Will be the mileage real? – rolling back the odometer can make it appear how the car hasn’t driven for quite so many miles since it really has. If a car already includes a high mileage and the odometer has been rolled back then it may be a bit of a be concerned about how many miles it really has covered. The appearance of digital odometers was supposed to help with the problem but in reality it hasn’t really worked. It ought to be easy enough to check whether or not the mileage is legitimate in case you have all of the correct paperwork together with the car. Service history is indeed a bonus when thinking about high mileage used cars – check out the numbers.


What’s going on with the rust? – Fortunately it’s pretty an easy task to spot rust patches when purchasing a used car. If the car still has the initial paintwork the rust may show as small bubble spots below the surface. Search for dodgy paint jobs and cover ups – the paint shows as a different shade or even color. Having said that if an old motor rich in mileage has a bright shiny and new paint job it’s a sure sign that something suspicious is going on. If something looks far too beneficial to it to be true you can almost guarantee which it ain’t true at all.

If the engine is performing correctly and whether there is anything wrong with the internal workings, Spotting engine problems – a quick compression test must be able to identify. You won’t be able to do this yourself unless you will have the correct tools – mechanics replace a spark plug with a simple compression gauge then crank up the engine a few times, record the reading on the gauge and test each of the engine cylinders individually. Faulty exhaust valve or the engine is at dire need of a complete overhaul if there is low compression it could possibly indicate a leak inside the head gasket.

If the car has a worn interior it can probably follow that it has travelled plenty of miles, looking on the inside -. The seats will show deterioration which may lift the lid on a rolled back odometer so pay close attention to the fitness of the interior.


Smoking is bad in a lot of ways – it’s bad for your health and it’s also bad for your automobile. Take a close look at the smoke from the exhaust when the car is first started. If there is blue smoke it indicates that the engine is burning too much oil, if there is black smoke it indicates a fuel problem and white smoke suggests that the engine is burning anti-freeze so could have difficulties with the head gasket.


Many modern cars are built to last and might quite easily anticipate to travel for 250,000 miles or even more – high mileage does not always mean that the car is not worth buying, just so long as you know what to look out for.

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