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  • Get Her To Go Out With You. Again.

    Second dates are critical. If you fail, you might too be a fish out of water, gulping for air, when you get past this early milestone, your chances of survival in the dating world rise exponentially, however. The reason it is so important is mainly because it’s your opportunity to fulfill the promise that you made around the first date by remaining consistent while still being different and interesting. I know you were able to convey all of this the first time around because you’re acquiring a second date at all, but if this sequel to last weekend’s wonderful evening isn’t better than the original, then audiences will be fleeing the theaters! Here are a few ideas on how to guarantee that your second date is a raging success.

    Take her for a test drive in a brand new Dodge. Not only may be the newest fleet of Dodge cars and trucks the best ever in terms of safety and amenities, it’s also the most fun to drive! Few things are as exhilarating or scintillating that a smooth, powerful drive, and the new Dodge Challenger is an ideal vehicle to represent. With its stunning body and powerful engine, a cruise with this beauty can get the blood flowing and also the pheromones going. Not only will you show your date that you have impeccable automotive taste, but you’ll also show her that you know the way to think beyond the box and come up with inspired ideas for your second date. If you think you can handle the power of the Challenger and the challenge of your new date, look online at some new Dodges at either downey used cars or McPeek Dodge and start brainstorming… for the third date.


    Cook an exclusive meal together

    A man who cooks well, shows that he is confident, artistic and particular. These are typically all qualities that any woman would lust after, and when coupled with divine food… it’s a recipe for success to be sure. Don’t fear if you’re a self-proclaimed terrible chef. This really is something that you can fake with just a bit of research and practice. The web is other people you know for this one. There are a million super easy recipes that you can use. All you really have to do is understand that presentation is virtually as important as the last product. Just like you want to look your best just for this date, additionally you want your food to look its best. Take special time and care, and it never hurts to accomplish a dress rehearsal the night before with some friends. Like that, you can practice your dish and get some feedback from people whose validation you’ve already earned.


    Dating is stressful, but there are ways to limit this stress so that it’s not crippling. Like everything that you want to excel in, it will require time to build confidence, and in the world of courtship, few qualities rival confidence.


  • Presenting The 2009 Volkswagen Jetta SportWafen


    I’m a big fan of station wagons, and that i really enjoyed the last two Jettas I drove (an ’08 Jetta SE and an ’07 Jetta GLI) — therefore i was really eager for testing the new-for-2009 Jetta wagon. As wagons go, the Jetta SportWagen (yes, it’s spelled by having an “e”) generally seems to hit each of the high points, with a big, boxy cargo bay that stows 32.8 cubic feet (just 3 cubes less than its bigger sister, the Passat wagon). Folding the rear seats doubles that to 66.9 cubic feet. So is the Jetta SportWagen the wagen — er, wagon — of my dreams? Read on.

    Larger photos: Front – rear – all photos


    Excellent utility

    A lot of power for heavy hauling

    Thick cargo-bay plastics and carpeting resist scratches and scuffs

    Available diesel engine

    A great deal of standard safety equipment, including electronic stability control


    Base engine returns disappointing fuel economy

    Lousy navigation system

    Automatic transmission really puts a damper in the fun-to-drive factor

    Expensive options


    New station wagon variant in the familiar Jetta sedan

    Range of prices (including destination charge and options): $17,649 – $31,679

    Price as tested: $26,899

    EPA fuel economy ratings: 21 MPG city/29 MPG highway/24 MPG combined

    Observed fuel economy: 20.8 MPG

    Guide Review – 2009 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen

    The brand new Jetta wagon has a familiar face but an unfamiliar rump. The SportWagen’s back end looks more like my ’96 Honda wagon than anything else, though i expected the taillights to use the same circular motif based in the Jetta sedan.

    Pricing starts at $17,649 for the base-model Jetta S, which includes A/C, power everything and lots of safety gear, including electronic stability control. I tested the $21,999 Jetta SE; options — including a huge sunroof ($1300) along with the world’s worst navigation system ($1800) — brought the purchase price to nearly $27k.

    My test car had VW’s familiar 2.5 liter 5-cylinder engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission. We loaded the Jetta to the gills while helping a friend move, and the 170 hp engine simply shrugged off the weight. But fuel economy was lousy: 18 MPG during our moving run and merely 20.8 MPG overall. Even a freeway trip together with the cruise set at 65 yielded only 27.2 MPG. Along with the automatic transmission completely quashed the fun-to-drive factor.

    The top-of-the-line Jetta SEL will get the 200 hp turbo engine from the Jetta GLI, a fantastic engine that doesn’t use much more fuel than the 2.5. VW also offers the diesel-powered Jetta TDI; it gets terrific fuel economy but costs $2200 more than the SE.

    I admire the Jetta SportWagen for its utility, but didn’t enjoy it anywhere near up to the Jetta SE sedan I drove not long ago. That Jetta enjoyed a stick-shift and much less options, therefore it was far more fun to get and a much better value.

    Would I consider buying a Jetta wagon? If I’m only getting 21 MPG, I might as well buy a small CUV similar to a Honda CR-V or a Toyota RAV4, I’m not sure –. Mini-wagons like the Pontiac Vibe don’t haul all the, though the Hyundai Elantra Touring comes close. Until more automakers introduce small wagons, the Jetta SportWagen is as good as it’s going to get.

  • Excite Yourself With These Brand New Cars


    The automotive marketplace is in full-recovery mode, so it’s no surprise that we have a bumper crop of excellent new cars — a level dozen made the list this year, plus three honorable mentions. Remember that the ideal New Cars list is open simply to new or significantly redesigned cars — so without further adieu, look into the best that 2014 provides.

    START: Cadillac CTS Vsport

  • Car Accessories Perfect for Car Mad Girls

    Anybody who thinks that boys are the only individuals who are allowed to love their wheels have another think coming – there are plenty of car mad girls around who love nothing more than splashing their personality onto their wheels. Here are some fabulous ideas for gifts for the girl who has everything – and merely loves to drive.


    Car lashes – yep, false eye lashes to your car headlights to add an actual girlie vibe. If you find the black eyelashes a little boring you can add a true twinkle with a few crystallized lashes. Black lashes, crystal lashes, pink lashes, blue lashes – whatever color matches your car plus your color theme. There are also some fabulous mustache magnets which could really add a sense of style to a car, after all, everything and everybody will look better with the addition of a mustache . . . right?


    Eye liner – crystal eyeliner can also add a touch of “bling” without the actual eyelashes – they so frivolous and fun . . . why not!

    Shift Knobs – there are some splendid girlie shift knobs about, they’re not necessarily all pool balls you realize. There are some fashionable swirly bubbles in a variety of colors . . . pink is nice and amber swirl is much better, well, a little bit more subtle anyhow.

    Bling Strips – you’ve head of “go faster stripes” right! Well, these bling strips take it to another dimension. They can be available clear, rhinestone, crystal . . . choose your chosen. They won’t make your car go any faster nevertheless they will add a great deal of sparkle in your ride.

    Rear view mirror accessories – let’s face it, in a girl’s car these are used for a whole lot more than looking at the vehicles behind you. Why not give it a make-over with something sparkly, perfect for adding a girlie touch to rear view and vanity mirrors too.

    Steering Wheel Covers – can be purchased in a host of designs and colors and do have many practical purposes too, they’re not just for effect. They help to protect the hands when it’s very hot or very cold as well as the added chunkiness can add to the comfortable feel of the steering wheel. There is an endless choice of controls covers excellent for girls – everything from Betty Boop / Angel Wings / Pink and Furry / Animal Print . . . choose your favorite.


    Seat Covers – there are a lot of advantages for utilizing seat covers in a new or used car. They can help to protect the original seats from dirt and damage, hide ripped or stained seats, prevent leather seats from burning your legs in the summer time or being freezing cold during the cold months and they can also add to the appearance of your car interior. That’s why there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from with many of them enjoying a definite “girlie” flavor.

    Key Chains – there is a limitless choice of girlie key chains available, they may be everywhere. Some girls like Betty crowns, angels, tiaras, butterflies and Boop, love hearts, pearls, diamonds and animals. Perhaps your favorite girl prefers “Hello Kitty” – they are plenty of accessories around with everything from key chains to car seat covers to car mats.

    Drive down to the Fiat dealer Los Angeles and check out the fabulous motors they’ve got – just imagine how fabulous they’d look customized with many glorious girly accessories . . . or perhaps not. The people at OC Fiat won’t mind – just so long as their cars visit a loving home.

  • Part 04


    Performance is the ultimate test of your Lexus and Hideya Segawa has the final say. He knows every part by heart and will quickly track a squeak, smell or vibration to its problematic source.

    He expects the same of his battalion of inspectors. They put every Lexus coming off the production line through a series of tests on simulators and machines. Segawa trains these people to ask the best questions: May be the steering true? Are the headlights angled correctly? Does the automobile turn, accelerate and brake as it’s supposed to? Is definitely the impact prevention technology effective? Are there any fluid leaks? Will the seals on the doors last a lifetime?

    Gadgetry helps. A hypersensitive microphone placed inside the car while it’s accelerating and braking in a chamber might pick-up a noise that shouldn’t be there. Another contraption spins the wheels on the surface that simulates a bumpy ride. But Segawa teaches inspectors to rely on their own finely tuned senses, not gadgetry, when trying to pinpoint glitches. “”The most important thing for an inspector is kansei,”” says Segawa. “”Irrespective of how many machines you use for testing, humans are better at finding something that isn’t right.

    That’s why Segawa puts every trainee through hours of listening drills on a computer. The gear shift, the axle, in the end they can identify every sound in the car – the propeller. Of course, the right spot to catch problems is from the driver’s seat. No Lexus leaves without a few laps on the 4km test track. Drivers take the cars over concrete, cobblestones and ropes to check suspension, noise and handling. Finally, inspectors scan every surface, every boot, bonnet and door to ensure it’s flawless.

    One key lesson from the Segawa textbook: Be a good listener.We ask ourselves, ‘What does the car seem like as it slices through air? ‘” he says. “Needless to say, a Lexus is designed to stay quiet. When you’re inside, you won’t hear much.

  • GM Plans To Build ‘Ecotec’ Small Engines By 2017

    File photo of General Motors logo outside its headquarters at the Renaissance Center in Detroit

    The General Motors logo is viewed outside its headquarters with the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan with this file photograph taken August 25, 2009.


    (Reuters) – General Motors Co (GM.N) on Wednesday announced a new generation of efficient small engines that it says will power 27 models in 64 countries by the 2017 model year.

    The company stated it was trying to streamline production with a modular architecture from the 1-to-1.5-liter, 3- to 4-cylinder engines that will permit them to be adapted to varying needs in different global markets.

    Among the initial models with all the new engines, to begin production by summer, will be the Chevrolet Cruze designed specifically for chinese people market and the Opel Adam in Europe.

    GM is calling the brand new line of 11 engines “Ecotec” and will build them in five plants on three continents.

    By 2017, the organization will build 2.5 million in the Ecotec engines for use by five different brands, or about 25 % of the vehicles the company will build. Currently, the most-often used engine at GM is really a 3.6-liter used in between 800,000 to 1 million cars and crossovers produced annually.

    “We did not calculate the savings but it’s definitely substantial” in engineering and manufacturing, said Tom Sutter, global chief engineer of Ecotec engines.

    Steve Kiefer, vice president for global powertrain engineering, said he believes GM’s key global competitors will not match the 2.5 million in annual production for any single “family” of engines by 2017.

    Sutter said the new engines replace three engine “families” at GM but would not disclose which ones.

    “Scale does matter, so I would say that our intention is the fact this would put us in front of scale, therefore economics, cost-effectiveness,” while not sacrificing or gaining when it comes to lower vibrations and noise, said Kiefer.

    The compact Cruze sedan developed for China launches later this coming year with a 2015 model which will have 1.4-liter 1 and turbocharged.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines. The Adam to be purchased in Europe could have a 1-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

    Each of the engines will run on regular unleaded gasoline, and in some European markets also on compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, and 100-percent ethanol in Brazil.

    The 1.4-liter turbocharged engine will be up to 5 percent more efficient compared to the one it replaces, GM said. The new Cruze 1.4-liter engine will be 44 pounds (20 kg) lighter than the engine it replaces, which Sutter said had been a representative weight savings for most of the new line of engines.

    The engines will produce from 75 horsepower (56 kilowatts) to 165 horsepower (123 kW), for use in models from minicars to mid-sized cars and crossovers, said Kiefer.

    The engines will be built at one new plant, in Shenyang in China, and four existing plants, at Flint, Michigan in the usa; Toluca in Mexico; Szentgotthard in Hungary; and Changwon in South Korea.

    Has not yet disclosed investments at the other plants, although gM will spend $200 million to upgrade the Flint factory.

    Kiefer said GM, in a seven-year stretch ending in 2017, will have spent about $1 billion on global powertrain plants and designengineering and design centers.

    Diesel will continue to be another engine type, but could be built at a number of the same plants, including the one out of Hungary, said Mattias Alt, Ecotec chief engineer for GM in Europe.

    All of the engines will have the ability to use the fuel-saving, so-called “stop-start” process in which the engine shuts down when the vehicle is at traffic lights or else stationary in short periods of time. Stop-start will be a standard feature around the new Cruze in China.

  • Online Car Buying Options


    Before, today there are other car buying options than ever before. In any sizeable town (and even lots of small towns), car dealerships line the major roadways. Flip through the newspaper and you’ll see classified ads for many people selling used cars. Search the internet and you’ll find car dealerships throughout the country wanting your small business, not to mention all the online classified ads where everyone is selling cars. From those selling their own cars to big, affiliated dealerships to smaller second hand car lots, it’s hard to know where to begin in relation to looking for a car. There are two big factors in deciding where to search for your brand new car. First is what type of vehicle you’re searching for. The second is making sure you have a car that may be in great condition, whether you’re buying new or used.

    Woman Sitting In Kitchen Using Laptop with Blank Screen. Screen can be easily used for your own message or picture using the included clipping path.

    If you be looking for a very specific type of car, like an antique, then online auction sites or personal listings are typically the way to go. However, if you’re in search of something more standard, whether it’s a minivan or a big truck, your safest bet is always to do business with a big, well known dealership. For example, if you were in search of ontario chrysler, you might look at OC Auto. Big lots such as this have strict standards for virtually any cars they offer. New cars, of course, are usually in near mint condition, having just rolled off the assembly line. But used cars on these big lots undergo rigorous testing to make sure that they meet safety standards. Any maintenance that they require has to be done before they may be sold and once you buy from this type of lot you are practically ensured to obtain a great car.

  • CIAS 2014: Kia’s Reinvents Brand For New Year


    Kia is continually pushing its distance to major player status inside the affordable car market, as well as the Soul is at the heart of that push for some time now. (There’s no doubt a “”heart and soul”” line begging to be used there somewhere, but I’ll spare us all.)

    It has always been hard to categorize, even though Soul calls itself a hatchback. It looks more or less just like a small SUV – but it’s clearly built for urban use rather than off-road adventure. Those drivers looking for a street friendly five seater with welcoming payload capacity should give the Soul a look – especially with a sticker price kicking off just under $17,000.

    For 2014, the vehicle is lowered, making it appear sportier and less top heavy. More stylish design flares surround the rear hatch with new tail lights wrapping around the hatch corners.

    The driving experience is comfortable and adequately powered. The base four cylinder, 1.6 liter, 130 horsepower engine joins with either a six speed manual or six speed automatic transmission.

    More advanced trim levels add power seats with lumbar support, heated mirrors, rearview camera, privacy glass, alloy wheels and electronic brake force distribution. Kia’s in-dash system (Uvo) provides every one of the necessary flashes, bangs and whistles. Even the voice commands system has a tendency to work better than other more expensive car tech packages.

    Canadians on the Toronto show floor for CIAS 2014 will discover Kia’s very reasonable alternative to higher priced small SUVs. Fortunately, the Soul doesn’t ask them to quit too many creature comforts.