Car Accessories Perfect for Car Mad Girls

Anybody who thinks that boys are the only individuals who are allowed to love their wheels have another think coming – there are plenty of car mad girls around who love nothing more than splashing their personality onto their wheels. Here are some fabulous ideas for gifts for the girl who has everything – and merely loves to drive.


Car lashes – yep, false eye lashes to your car headlights to add an actual girlie vibe. If you find the black eyelashes a little boring you can add a true twinkle with a few crystallized lashes. Black lashes, crystal lashes, pink lashes, blue lashes – whatever color matches your car plus your color theme. There are also some fabulous mustache magnets which could really add a sense of style to a car, after all, everything and everybody will look better with the addition of a mustache . . . right?


Eye liner – crystal eyeliner can also add a touch of “bling” without the actual eyelashes – they so frivolous and fun . . . why not!

Shift Knobs – there are some splendid girlie shift knobs about, they’re not necessarily all pool balls you realize. There are some fashionable swirly bubbles in a variety of colors . . . pink is nice and amber swirl is much better, well, a little bit more subtle anyhow.

Bling Strips – you’ve head of “go faster stripes” right! Well, these bling strips take it to another dimension. They can be available clear, rhinestone, crystal . . . choose your chosen. They won’t make your car go any faster nevertheless they will add a great deal of sparkle in your ride.

Rear view mirror accessories – let’s face it, in a girl’s car these are used for a whole lot more than looking at the vehicles behind you. Why not give it a make-over with something sparkly, perfect for adding a girlie touch to rear view and vanity mirrors too.

Steering Wheel Covers – can be purchased in a host of designs and colors and do have many practical purposes too, they’re not just for effect. They help to protect the hands when it’s very hot or very cold as well as the added chunkiness can add to the comfortable feel of the steering wheel. There is an endless choice of controls covers excellent for girls – everything from Betty Boop / Angel Wings / Pink and Furry / Animal Print . . . choose your favorite.


Seat Covers – there are a lot of advantages for utilizing seat covers in a new or used car. They can help to protect the original seats from dirt and damage, hide ripped or stained seats, prevent leather seats from burning your legs in the summer time or being freezing cold during the cold months and they can also add to the appearance of your car interior. That’s why there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from with many of them enjoying a definite “girlie” flavor.

Key Chains – there is a limitless choice of girlie key chains available, they may be everywhere. Some girls like Betty crowns, angels, tiaras, butterflies and Boop, love hearts, pearls, diamonds and animals. Perhaps your favorite girl prefers “Hello Kitty” – they are plenty of accessories around with everything from key chains to car seat covers to car mats.

Drive down to the Fiat dealer Los Angeles and check out the fabulous motors they’ve got – just imagine how fabulous they’d look customized with many glorious girly accessories . . . or perhaps not. The people at OC Fiat won’t mind – just so long as their cars visit a loving home.

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